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from Zachary Bascom, owner and lead photographer.

Zachary's favorite thing to do with photography is plug into an existing team (marketing for architect, real estate team) and make their marketing presence shine. 


He grew up in Bend began taking photos on film in high school and college, first diving into portraits and then discovering his passion for architecture. In 2008 he got his BA in Cinema and Media Communications and switched to digital. Now, almost a decade after jumping into the architectural world, Zachary is working with multi-million dollar homes, shooting for magazine layouts, flying drones, getting picky about angles, focal length and light, and loving every minute of it. 

In his copious free time (that's a joke) he hangs out with his family, is involved with his church, and creates music with his local band Drive B. 

"It is my joy to provide excellent, trustworthy, personal service for every one of my clients. I will create the most beautiful image I'm capable of crafting every time. I have worked many a long night to make sure I deliver what I promise my clients and business partners, who truly are my friends and my family."


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Zachary Bascom photographer Bend Oregon
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