Meet the team.

Dry Sky slowly roasted in an oven on low temperature for years. Owner and lead photographer Zachary Bascom initially learned on 35mm film through high school and made the transition to digital after college in 2008. He worked selling luggage while shooting on the side. Photography incubated in the background through tech support, management and pumping septic tanks until Dry Sky was formed in 2016. Years shooting multiple genres of photography helped form a varied base of knowledge and lead to three foundations - product, portraits and architecture. Along with Zachary, Dry Sky also collaborates with designer Ryan Bluebaugh, cinematographer Bradley Lanphear and photographer/Youtube guru Kai Dunn. Jill Bascom does much of the back-end awesomeness.


Kai Dunn - Photographer


Jill Bascom - Behind the scenes amazing


Zachary Bascom - Lead photographer



Bradley Lanphear - Cinematographer


Ryan Bluebaugh - Design & Illustration


Kevin Watkins - Web Design & More